Roland Stokes

Good Morning Brethren, you should all have recieved some 'Race Draw tickets' for your distribution and more importantly, a pack containing material regarding the MCF 2026 West Kent Festival. I recommend you take time to read all the information provided as it will be most useful later. In addition, listed here are names of the team assigned to assist you. To get in touch use the contact page.

The Festival Secretary is W/Bro Ian McDermid
The Festival Treasurer is W/Bro John Head

Please direct any queries about making payments to John. It can be involved and is it obviously better to ensure the correct procedure is followed to begin with.
If paying by cheque please ensure it is made out to ‘Province Of West Kent Festival’. If you do not state the correct payee, it will be rejected by the bank. Cheques with covering letters should be sent to Oakley House marked ‘FESTIVAL’.
Festival Liaison Officers We have also appointed ten Festival Liaison Officers (FLOs) detailed below. Please contact your ‘FLO ‘in the first instance, for any help required during the Festival.

Andy Butler: Welling & Wilmington

Adrian Barton: Tunbridge Wells & Edenbridge

Martin Eggleton: Bromley

Scott Dunn: Chislehurst & Greenhithe

James Hunt: Dartford

Eric Lewis: Bromley

Terry Nemeth: Sidcup

Tim Perrin: Dartford

Darren Walker: Sidcup

Carl Wilson: Welling

Mike Bowyer-Jones: Wrotham & Sevenoaks

Donation forms and guidance The Charity Steward Guide explains in detail how to donate directly to the festival or transfer funds from your Relief Chest to the Festival Relief Chest.
All forms and further information may be found on the MCF website
The Festival Relief Chest is now open and ready to accept donations. Please remember all donations will also be credited to your lodge/chapter.

Thank you Thank you for taking time to read this. No doubt we will have some teething problems, but I know I can rely on your full support to make this Festival the huge success it deserves to be! One last thing, please pass this document to your successors as necessary.

Kind regards,
Roland Stokes
Provincial Grand Charity Steward and Festival Chairman
See you all on September 30th