Calling all West Kent Craft Lodges. The Festival Committee has commissioned a travelling Maul for the purpose of raising funds for the 2026 Festival and to promote visiting within Lodges. Once the Maul initiative has been launched it will travel around the Province and may be bid on at the festive board of the host Lodge. The Maul has hidden within, a scroll that will contain a full list of the Lodges that have bid successfully and held the Maul in the name of their Lodge. It is suggested that the Maul is displayed during the meeting on the Secretary’s table and that an announcement by the Charity Steward is made during his report.

1. Only West Kent Craft Lodges may hold the Maul. It is not to be auctioned out of our Province.

2. Attending the meeting and being present at the festive board of the host Lodge is the only way that a bid can be made. No telephone bidding is permitted.

3. Full payment for any winning bid must be paid to the Treasurer of the host Lodge and he forwards to the Festival Treasurer– John Head

4. To assist in keeping track of the Maul, updates on its next auction will be posted on the West Kent Facebook page.

5. Full details of the winning Lodge, including contact details must be emailed to the Maul co-ordinator, W.Bro Neil Bevan

6. The host Lodge is responsible for the safe keeping of the Maul whilst it is in their care.

Good luck Brethren and get your Lodges involved!

Make a £5 text donation by texting
WESTKENT2026 to 70500