Mark Estaugh

The West Kent 2026 Festival is first, and foremost, about trying to support the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities. We have agreed that our financial objective for the Festival will be £2,502,026 and the significance of the last four digits of the target will not be lost on you. This objective will be comfortably within our grasp if we work together, with each member committing to a modest but regular gift aided donation.

I am encouraging each of you to qualify for a 2026 Festival Breast Jewel. To qualify, you can either pledge a one off payment of £600 or a monthly direct debit of £8.33 for 72 months, this is the ammount needed for a Stewards Breast Jewel.
If you can pledge £1,200 as a one off payment or £16.66 a month for 72 months you qualify for a Patron Pin to add to your Breast Jewel.
If you can pledge £1,800 as a one off payment or £25 a month for 72 months, you will qualify for a Grand Patron pin to add to your Breast Jewel.
Click the "SIGN UP FOR YOUR JEWEL" button on any page of the website to set up your donation and you will qualify for your 2026 Festival Breast Jewel.

The future of freemasonry in general, and, more specifically, the ability of the Province of West Kent to deliver a successful festival – is, put simply, about the strength and activity of our membership going forward. For that reason, and with the undeniable demographic issue that all Provinces face – West Kent is keen to lead the way around modernity, organisation, and the relevance of the Craft to the next generation of Freemasons We look, confidently, to all the energetic and committed members in West Kent to ensure, and deliver, a successful Festival for 2026. No generation has lived in certain times – our parents and grandparents will tell us that. We too live in a most uncertain world where resources and funding are always under the utmost scrutiny – and, as always, this can impact on the very weakest and most deserving in our communities. The purpose of West Kent’s 2026 Festival Appeal is simple – to come to the aid of those that need our assistance most and have been forsaken in their time of need by others. We are proud to take up that challenge – and will not be found wanting.

Celebrating 5 years of the mcf!
click on any of the images to watch a short video showing what we have achieved so far

The West Kent 2026 Festival is now accepting Digital Donations, to make a donation, simply scan the QR code with your smart phone camera and follow the on screen instructions, or if you dont have a smart phone click the link below

latest news


Date Event Location Contact
31/03/2022 Quiz Night Oakley House, Bromley Ken Gayton
4/06/2022 Queen Platinum Jubilee Dinner Dance Oakley House Roland Stokes
26/06/2022 Gordon Davie Golden Mile Walk TBA Ian McDermid
--/09/2022 Raft Race Pier Hotel, Greenhithe Roland Stokes
11/09/2022 European Car Rally Start TBA Roland Stokes
30/09/22 Charity Stewards 2026 Festival Talk Oakley House, Bromley Roland Stokes


Make a £5 text donation by texting
WESTKENT2026 to 70500