MESSAGE to charity stewards

Roland Stokes

Dear Brother Charity Steward,
You may be aware that I have stepped down from the role of Provincial Grand Charity Steward and Peter Brooker has been appointed as my successor as from May 5th, 2020. I wish Peter good luck in his new capacity and trust you will give him your full support.

As the retiring PGCS, my sincere thanks go to all Charity Stewards instrumental in encouraging support for the PGM/Grand Superintendent’s initiatives over the past five years. During this time the ‘Calm Appeal’ raised over £200,000 in just 18 months. All this total has been returned to our local communities for many different causes and a variety of exploits and our well‐meaning and generosity has built valuable bridges between ourselves and local Mayors and councils.

I very much appreciate the time and effort that so many of you have selflessly given in the countless “behind the scenes” tasks which rarely receive recognition. Meanwhile I will now be concentrating on my new challenge as 2026 Festival Chairman, retaining my superb team.

I look forward to your continued friendship and support to ensure the Festival flourishes and attains its objective by May 2026.

Kind regards
Roland Stokes