MESSAGE for all Brethren

Roland Stokes

Dear Brethren, Do you shop with Amazon? I’m sure most of you do at some time or another. There is a new really simple way of using Amazon and generating funds for the 2026 Festival. Our West Kent charity is now registered with Amazon Smile. The process for making the most of this is easy; Please open your usual browser on a PC or Mac, log into your Amazon Account by going to as opposed to the standard Amazon log in. Everything will be the same.
After the log in you will be directed to a page listing “spotlight” charity and a search box, giving you the option to search for your charity. Go to the search box. Make sure that your search uses the exact words The Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent this will take you to “The Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent Benevolent Fund”. All you need do is select it. On the next page, acknowledge that you understand that you must log in through Amazon Smile for the charity to benefit. Thereafter, make sure that you always log into Amazon using At the top of the page under the search bar, you will see: Supporting: The Provincial Grand Lodge of West Kent.
Please encourage your wife/partner and other family members and friends to use “Smile” and nominate our charity. Traditionally, as we approach the Festive Season, there is a significant increase in the use of Amazon. This is likely to be more so this year as the ongoing situation encourages shopping from home. Once you have done this, just shop as usual. Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of the sale price to 2026 Festival. This costs you and the vendor nothing! Please also note that Amazon has updated its mobile app to incorporate Smile so don’t miss out.
To set this up on the app, please do the following:
1. Update your Amazon App
2. Go to on your mobile browser and log in.
2. Set up the charity as described.
3. Log out of the Amazon App on your phone.
4. Log back in.
5. Go to settings in the App. and turn on notifications.
6. Then in settings Amazon Smile will an option.
7. Turn it on and confirm. Now when items are eligible for smile donations it will show you just above the price in the app.
If anything is unclear or you have any difficulty, please feel free to get in touch.

Kind regards
Roland Stokes