Craig Tibbs 10 Tor Hike

Craig was initiated into North Kent Lodge 2499 on the 125th year anniversary meeting which took place last year at Oakley house 8th February 2020 and what a fine meeting it was. Craig is still an EA is very keen to support the 2026 West Kent Festival and to show his support he will be taking part in a “10 Tor Hike” a two-day hike across 10 peaks on Dartmoor.

Starting point - Post bridge
1st peak - Lower White Tor
2nd Peak - Rough Tor
3rd Peak - Fur Tor
4th Peak - Watern Tor
5th Peak - Sittaford Tor
6th peak - Heartland Tor
Camp at Riddon Ridge
7th Peak - Laughter Tor
8th Peak - Bellever Tor
9th Peak - Beardown Tor
10th Peak - Higher White Tor
Finish point - Post Bridge

Craig has set up a “Just Giving page” at Click here to see his page Please feel free to show your support for this enthusiastic young man and encourage him on his Masonic journey. You will be able to follow Craig’s hike via our Facebook page.
If any other members would like to take on similar fund-raising events for the Festival, please contact me.
Kind regards
Roland Stokes
2026 Festival Chairman