Mark Estaugh

The West Kent 2026 Festival is first, and foremost, about trying to support the needs of the most vulnerable in our communities. This is what freemasons do so well. However, the future of freemasonry in general, and, more specifically, the ability of the Province of West Kent to deliver a successful festival – is, put simply, about the strength and activity of our membership going forward. For that reason, and with the undeniable demographic issue that all Provinces face – West Kent is keen to lead the way around modernity, organisation, and the relevance of the Craft to the next generation of Freemasons We look, confidently, to all the energetic and committed members in West Kent to ensure, and deliver, a successful Festival for 2026. No generation has lived in certain times – our parents and grandparents will tell us that. We too live in a most uncertain world where resources and funding are always under the utmost scrutiny – and, as always, this can impact on the very weakest and most deserving in our communities. The purpose of West Kent’s 2026 Festival Appeal is simple – to come to the aid of those that need our assistance most and have been forsaken in their time of need by others. We are proud to take up that challenge – and will not be found wanting.


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